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What do you want to be "when you grow up"?


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:cool: Singer in a band, Musician...I play the Violin,Forensic Scientist, Fashion Designer, Personal Shopper, Interior Decorator, Fashion Model, Professional Ballet Dancer (maybe not :huh: ), Veternarian, or a Sign Language Interpreter...in Japan (Requires me to learn Japanese Language and SL :stunned: )!! They are alll in order the first ones are the ones I would like to do most!! :dozey: :D

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I would like to be a journalist - I've been dreaming of it for years, since I was a little girl (oh yeah, that sounds like a horrible cliché :lol: ) - BUT I think this dream is in danger, because in addition, I want to study and to live in England, so I guess I'm not good enough to write English articles.. Well, maybe there's a German newspaper in England?! :lol:

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Cut my tongue out

I've been caught out

Like a giant juggernaut

Happy hours

Golden showers

On a cruise to freak you out


We could fly a helicopter

Nothing left to talk about

Entertain you

Celebrate you

I'll be back to frame you



When I grow up

I'll be stable

When I grow up

I'll turn the tables

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