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Why do people add you on MSN......???


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when you have no idea who they are?? I mean, isn't it common courtesy to ask if you can be added to someone's list?? Even if you post for all to see, don't you think its just polite to ask??


I am now looking over my msn list.. and I can honestly say.. I don't know about half of the e-mail address there!!! lol I can't even remember accepting there requests to be added!! :laugh3:



anyone else?? Rant on...

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^ well you see.. thats different... because then I do know them from the board. And yes.. then later you get to know them better.. but someone who just joins the board then adds you!! :stunned: I am not saying that they are all from here lol I know someone from the Muse board who added me.. and I dont even visit that place as much!!! :lol:

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well i know it use to happen... but the worst is when they add you thinking you are a different person, then you said them i'm not the girl you think, i have not the same name, age, i don't live on the same place, but then they go on and tell you, you are lie me, you are laughing at me.. and stuff like this :stunned:

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I have added a couple of people from this board, but, I try and talk to them, because that is the reason that I added them in the first place. And I go through my contact list from time to time and delete people who I don't talk to much, or not at all. If you are going to add someone, talk to them, or at least tell them who you are.

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people add me all the time....they say "you look interesting" i barely say anything on the board! i mean damn...


the infamous davidg added me when I NEVER posted..he's the reason i came back!!


camille, i know who youre talking about, for they have added me also-it isnt THAT bad....


but people, ITS FUCKING ANNOYING WHEN YOU MESSAGE ALL THE FUCKIN DAY LONG!!!! give the keyboard a damn break!

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