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Salut tout le monde ! **Hi !! **


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Well... I have to introduce myself ?? Okay ...

My name is Camille and I live in Toulouse (south-west of FRANCE).

I'm just 16 years-old, and I'm looking for new mates from all countries, because I love learning and speaking other languages (I love travelling), and I would like to make my english better (and my spanish too!) by chatting with young people of everything you want ! (by MSNwessenger, why not ?)...

Few months ago my best friend lent me Coldplay's CD and I loved it ! Now I play "the Scientist" on the piano and the song makes me feel .. so sad and so happy you know, a strange mixture... it moves me !

I don' t know everthing of the band, I'm not an absolute fanatic...

But when I said : "I want to meet new people." I thought : "People who like Coldplay can't be bad guys".. And I' m here ! :D


So please excuse me for my bad english and answer me... ;)



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