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How MB in a GB??


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Just thought I'd confuse you a little more... There are 2 different standards that show either 1024 or 1000 megabytes in a Gigabyte. The newer standard that is starting to be more common is calling 1024 MB (or MiB) as 1 GiB... I think I havn't confused myself... I'm not sure. But yes go with 1024...


Go here for more info. Quite interesting...


Distinction between 1000 and 1024 megabytes

To clarify the distinction between decimal and binary prefixes, in 1997 the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), a standards body, proposed conformity with the International System of Units (SI) conventions (standard IEC 60027-2). New units were formed as unions of the SI prefixes with the word "binary". Thus 2^30 bytes would be called a gibibyte (GiB) while the use of gigabyte is deprecated in this context. Thus, gigabyte unambiguously follows the SI convention as 10^9 bytes. This naming convention is steadily gaining acceptance, but deprecated usage is common. The convention must be inferred from context or fine print.

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zoinks! :stunned:



in case any of you were wondering.. I was trying to figure out how many GB of Interpol stuff I had on my laptop v. Coldplay or any other artist for that matter. Currently the top 3 would be either Muse, Coldplay or Interpol.. I had a feeling that Interpol would take it by a mile!! lol Seeing as I don't own many Coldplay mpgs and stuff..


anyhoo.. I have determined that I own about 7GB of stuff on my laptop worth of Interpol stuff... :stunned:

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