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i found his jacket... chris's famous jacket


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Hi me again, drunk, happy new year all. I know it sounds a bit un man like but i love the way he dresses, jacket and trainers, so y not want to try and copy him. thank u all 4 addidas trainers help, gonna order them now. Im an old coldplay fan, and male, but no reason y i want to dress like them, coolest band goin. take care all u good ppl.

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haha... good deall..... mine is in the boys.... and i saw the girls one .... yeah ... if i could fit in it i would have gotten it ... the other one looks more like his to me though ... enjoy your jacket :rolleyes:


R u enjoying your jacket?!?! I know I am, its one of my favorite piece of clothing. its just so dang on comfy!

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