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i was in the gym, and some girls next to me were all excited... but i didnt care at all..so i was there and suddenly this guy asks me "whats you name?"......and i was like.....er.......andrea...and then he signed a little paper and gave it to me..and i didnt even knew who was !!! then i found out his an actor....

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I looked at the telenovelas on Univision and I think the one that she was really into was Amor Real. I know the story was of a Doctor in love with a woman who was married to someone else or somthing. I watch them with her sometimes when I go to her house.


OMG!! Was is name *blank* Colunga??? I forget his first name.. handsome guy though... I think its Roberto or Alberto maybe even Carlos... I forget... but the last name is Colunga... :wink3:



-lets see.. autographs.....


I've got Muse-Chris, Matt and Dom, Keane-Tim,Tom, Richard(but I didnt meet them as I did with Muse..) I bought the cd signed already at the show.. which was more than ok.. it was cold.. and I was front row for the gig.. :wink3: made up for it.. and last but not least.. Interpol. :cool: Yep.. all 4 of me lovelies... met them at an instore record signing.. :cool:

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