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so i went to sleep late yesterday night. well, it was today's morning, actually. and due to those circumstances, i slept unusually long...


i had one of the weardest dreams lately.

we were in my ex school, it was the beginning of the new school year with my present class. we were on the top floor, in the hall and not classroom. there were few desks and chairs, on which we were sitting and talking. i remember somebody offered me a rhum and some small talks with our class president, and i remember one of my schoolmates teasing me that he read my diary from 5 years or more ago. the suddenly most of them left the class, only our vice-president, my best friend and i stayed there, and then my best friend's ex-girlfriend came there and talked to the vice-president. i sat next to my best friend and we started talking (we haven't spoken much in two months), and suddenly he said that he had something with his ex even after they broke up. and after that he said that he loves me now. i went :o and opened my eyes.


then my room door opened and my brother came in...

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I also have dreams that are totally weird from time to time.

Sometimes I'm actually semi-concious so it's almost like lucid dreaming.

i know, i wanted to do that today, but then the kid entered... . . :evil:

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Weird? I had a dream the other night that was so creepy, I was actually breathing heavy. Both in the dream, and in real life. THEN I woke up.


I got this note for some reason, and oddly enough... it said here is this dead retarded girl's body. I look in my dad's bedroom.. and there she is, laying there on the pillow.. with a line of blood coming from her mouth and her eyes wide open.


Now tell me that is NOT fucking scary.


And then.. today, I had quite a funny dream. I was at this place, and there was this old couple. At one point, the old man started dancing around and singing. We we're all going up the stairs then, and I was starting to get annoyed... so I pushed him down the stairs and he went tumbling down them. :lol:

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A dream is a wish your heart makes.. when you're fast asleep..

seriously hope that you're wrong. because today i dreamt that i nicked a cigarette from my father and hid it.

and i don't smoke!

^ditto. :uhoh:


Be afraid - be very, very afraid!! :P


i'm sleeping with my eyes open tonight. just in case.

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