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WTF is that thing ? Chris = Sting ??


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oh my....


sting played on the police, then the band slipt on their 5th album :idea2: sting do yoga as chris do.... sting's second wife is an actress, chris wife is an actress too and do yoga too...sting was the main songwriter on his band as chris is on coldplay...


sting sang on live aid i think and coldplay did on live 8 :idea2:


another thing is the connections between sting and chris via madonna...


sting introduce guy ritchie to madonna then madonna got married with guy.. madonna was friend of gwyneth and introduce her to chris then chris and gwyneth got married..


lol that's the similarities...


you didn't know it?


well first time i listened to chris his voice remember me sting voice :rolleyes:


the differences are that... sting was the bass player on his band and chris is the pianist and guitarist....and that sting was married when he form his band...and on the second album he got divorced....


and sting studied to be english teacher i think and chris studied history...

and sting was a difficult guy when he was young but chris wasn't well it seems....

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well i found another similarity...


sting worked on a film when he was yet in the police i think, he did basically like a big cameo on 'quadrophenia' and chris do the same on 'shaun of the death' i think.. i didn't see chris film so i don't know if it was even a bit similar as sting's.... but anyways quadrophenia isn't the only film where sting is in as an actor.. :idea2:

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let's hope won't happen like with sting band you know they slipt one day.. let's hope coldplay won't end like this...


but really you didn't know what i said before? you didn't found this similarities? lol i can't believe it. is not the first time somebody said they are a bit similar.. i thought you knew it or have read something related before.

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I laughed at first... but then when I saw "Chris Martin - Coldplay" I kinda wanted to cry.




Does that make me really weird? >.O



If that makes you really weird it makes me alot weirder... I seriously freaked out the first time someone mentioned the possibility of coldplay splitting up...

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