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Favorite Coldplay Video???


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I am going to have to say "Yellow". Something about it is just so peaceful and reminds me of a walk on a beach I took a few years ago as the sun rose.



And on a side note does anyone know which Venue the "Fix You" video was filmed at?


If this topic does not go here...sorry.

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the concert footage in the promo video for the track 'fix you' was filmed at these gigs.


4th and 5th July 2005

Reebok Stadium; Bolton, UK


apparently the band played 'fix you' twice at the end of the set each night so they could film it getting all the different camera angles.


the shots of chris walking through the streets was filmed in London

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the Scientist....the whole video backwards? I love that. And the car crash is pretty sweet.


I wonder how they got his mouth to move forwards...


That video's crazy. Sad, but crazy.


He had to learn the song backwards,it took him 3 months :D


My favourites are

1The Scientist


3Don't Panic(Will cooking those sausages in the boat :lol: )

4In my place

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The scientist n yellow ummmm does anyone know where coldplay was playing in the video fix you... like in the stadium was it in Germany??? :huh: :huh:


Hi!Stevemah posted where and when the concert was...its the second post in this thread! :)

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