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How have Coldplay changed for X&Y?


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definitely not as good AROBTTH. I do like the songs better live. I'll have a definite answer in 2 weeks after the show. I got a taste of the live on Storytellers, and I was convinced it was going to be a great album... I was wrong. I don't even find myself listening to this one as much.. and when I do, I am constantly skipping tracks. I think they really struggled with this album. And its an overall good album.. but not by AROBTTH standards. That album broke new ground... it was fresh, different, and versatile. This album is just over produced. In my opinion.

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They have improved in both their live performance and in the studio. I haven't seen them on previous tours but watched their Manchester concert from 2002 on MTV. They have changed their live performance slightly and I'm still not a fan of their black outfits. In the studio: even though I was slightly disappointed with the new album it has grown on me and I prefer it to AROBTTH.

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