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after running spybot anti spyware god knows how many times, I always get the same problems.


something called "fun web" and "fun web products" always emerge on my comp, they have 15 and 18 entries.


it says that "the problems cant be fixed, please restart your computer" so I do, then it runs a little check and detects them again, then tells me to restart my computer.....it keeps telling me to do this yet it never fixes them.


whats the deal?

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I'm guessing there loading up when windows loads

You cannot delete a file it's its running, or in use - and thats whats happening


The best thing you can do is write the names of the 'fun web products' files that emerge after doing the spyware check, Go into safe mode (In here, Only windows compoments load, So any other programs will be over-ridden and forced to unload) and search for them on the computer and delete them from there


I hope this helps and it's not all that confusing :smiley:

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You could also try and run spybot etc in Windows Safe Mode. I had a feeling they should work, but I've never tried. If that doesn't work, then do the method above.


To boot into safe mode, restart the computer and keep tapping F8 until a different screen comes up, and just choose the Safe mode option.


Hope that helps also.

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