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What memory u would like 2 forget??

staring elf

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Ummm I'd like to forget this one time, I was driving down this narrow road at night with my friend to go see where one of my hot bod lived, becuase he was home and he asked me to drive by sometime, so we did... and it was a narrow road and we saw a car coming... so we pulled over a bit but we couldnt keep driving cause the road was too narrow and my hot bods sister and her HOT HOT *also another one of my hot bods* boyfriend and their friends *also hot bods* were all in the car and they pulled up next to us and just like sat there for like ever and we were just like do do doooo trying to not scream and now, whenever i see his sister she gives me the WORST look because she knows i want her boyfriend and she knows that I want her brother too and i tihnk she thinks that I like follow her or something bceause its happened many times on total accident and everytime she flips out at her boyfriend because she thinks he wants me too or something, i mean he does stare sometimes... but eh. . :roll:


Hows that for personal!?! LOL

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i want to forget my first love by i dont think i ever will :sad:


i want to forget my first love too, but i like to remember the good times, sometimes, coz they make me smile :)

and also when i remember the bad times i am glad it is all actually a memory

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