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shaun of the dead


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Yeah' date=' only for a short clip in the actual movie but on the special features in the DVD theres this funny interview with Chris and Johnny and then the two guys who play Shaun and Ed come out and join them. It's really worth a look and would be great if anyone had the actual clip.[/quote']


Shaun - Simon Pegg


Ed - Nick Frost


Just thought i would give you their real names....they are fucking funny blokes...they were in spaced which was co-writen by simon and the woman in it. (jessica stevenson). The programme was directed by Edgar wright who directed shaun. Very talented geezer.


I dont think you can buy spaced in america???? but if you can buy it i would, such a FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC programme...love it love it love it


Sorry just thought i would pass this info on for you all :)

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so am i, but i never really liked the whole idea of owning movies. im a music junkie and i could buy every single album that comes out(the good ones) but movies, well i think i only own one. most of my friends have been telling me that shaun of the dead is a must so im thinking about it... :snore:

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wow...i have shit loads of album and dvd's...i love them both...my spear change goes on them rather than things like bills and rent and stuff :lol:


I own a measly 120 dvd's - trying to get more but dont have money at the minute, but cd's


i have about 200 and then another 150 but their copys...wehn i have money i will BUY the albums that i have copys of.


Ok it doesnt sound like much anymore :cry: I will have to get a job and buy more MORE I TELL YOU MOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRREEEE :greedy:

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thats so good! :D im a little bit more in the digital era. i have thousands of downloads... reason why when i got my ipod i had to get at leat the 10gb(i have the 20gb).... sometimes when im bored i like to make mix cds its way cooler. but yeah, i still buy stuff

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