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FIX YOU - No: 4 !!!!!!


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Totally agree :D It's shocking how such a great song can be outrun by a group called the "Pussycat Dolls" - What's that all about - total lack of talent and wouldn't even make the first round in X Factor :confused:

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The first single I have bought in about 4 years because I wanted to see Coldplay get their first number 1 and they damn well deserved it this week not the manufactured, contrived rubbish that beat them. Ah well...if Talk is the third single they have a good chance! We still love you Coldplay no matter where you manage to chart! Not the birthday present Jonny would have wanted.

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I am sure they will be thinking, bo***cks to it, their album has kicked ass - I would love to see the "pussytwat dolls" get a number one album !!! :smug:

What do the singles charts mean these days, you only have to sell 100 and your number 1... (well maybe a few more than that), but it just doesn't have the meaning that it used to have years ago. :)

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Yeah same here. The fact that the album did so well is great; it also means that ppl probably didnt buy 'fix you' single because they have already bought the album/plan to buy it. People obviously want to hear more of Coldplay than u do on a single! :)


Erm...no, it`s because the people that bought the album are:-


a) Bandwagon Jumpers


b) People who buy a couple of Cd`s a year (the ones who buy what the music mags tell them too, so are not interested in the single in the slightest)


Coldplay haven`t got a big enough true fanbase to get a no.1 single.


The Gorillaz beat them, and they`ve already been out a week, so you can`t just blame the Pussycat Dolls single, there are another 2 singles above Coldplay besides them.

They are only 3 places above Oasis, who have already been out for 2 weeks.


So don`t come out with the excuse people want to hear more Coldplay, that`s just not true, it`s just that the songs don`t work when they are not melding into each other on the album, they don`t work well as single songs.

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*runs away* ok...... :confused: just voicing my opinion thats all! :( You r perfectly entitled to say your opinion aswell' date=' but you didnt have to be so harsh! :cry:[/quote']



Sorry mate, wasn`t meant to appear personal, on reflection, I may have been a little......yeah, harsh, didn`t mean to be, sorry :cry:

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I bought the single this week hoping that it would make the number one spot, to be dissapointed.


I have to say i love the b-sides.


Everyone on here is prob gonna kill me or never talk to me again, but i bought the pussycat dolls cause i just love this tne...dont know what it is but i cant get enough of it :embarrased: IM SORRY COLDPLAY :cry:

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