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Why not What If?


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I wondered if anyone knew why Coldplay doesn't perform "What If" more often at live concerts? It's one of my favourite tracks off the new album, so I've been hoping to see it live a lot, but I never see it on any track lists, it seems they don't perform it live.


I heard somewhere that they played it and Martin called it the "best fuc*ing thing i've ever written" so I don't know why they don't perform it more often at live venues.


Anyone know the reasoning behind this?

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maybe because its too good? :lol: sorry, for my humor, but yes you are right, What If is one of my fav(if not my fav) of X&Y... at first i thought it was going to be a favorite song of them to play live, but the have somehow decreased the amount of times they play it :cry:

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bigger question(i also wonder why they don't play what if as much) is why don't they just play swallowed in the sea during the acoustic leg of the show.. then play What If..


twisted logic also really needs to be added to a future setlist. not sure where though.. its really meant to be an ender.


Square One



Hardest Part

God Put A Smile

Speed Of Sound

Everything's Not Lost




acoustic leg


Til Kingdom Come(ring of fire)

Swallowed In The Sea(or green eyes)

A Message





1st encore


In My Place

What If (plays into white shadows, like on the album)

White Shadows(plays into fix you, like on the album)

Fix You


Twisted Logic (2nd encore)

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Green Eyes/Don't Panic. They vote on that one which I think is really cool.

Everythings Not Lost/Amsterdam. A rush of blood has been played consistently i think. not through the entire tour but recently. The Hardest Part was played once.

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