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Hello Everyone


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Heyy well I'm from NJ and I been a huge Coldplay fan since there song Yellow and there my favorite band and not many people in my town like them they all hate them but I love them I dont care!


But I have some questions what kind of music would you consider them? Alternative??


And the CD Cover of X&Y , what is it? And its called X&Y because thats the male and female chromosome together?


Thankss , I hope to stay here a while!!

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Hi and welcome!!!


I'm Iris. Yeah, I consider their music alternative or independent.


You can write in this code on this website (and you'll know what's write in the last page of X&Y album... :P )



Enjoy the board!

That site is a great find and a lot of fun , but I dont know how they found a alphabet like that lol

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