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9/22 Rhythm Diaries


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I was so excited to see that there was a new interview with Steve Lamacq and Will...but after fast forwarding through most of the show, I still haven't found it. Has anyone had a chance to listen to it and can give me an idea of the time range into the show? I have dial-up at the moment so it takes me forever just to load after I fast forward.


If anyone has any idea around what hour the interview with Will is, it'd be much appreciated! Thanks!

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intersting interview.. i was hoping he would talk about the shows that has been postponed and/or cancelled! but i did got a clue, about when the concert might be postopned...it looks its going to be until spring. he said that after some shows they will have the unofficial end of tour party, or something like that..did anyone else get that? :huh: :huh: :huh:

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Finally got a chance to listen to it again. Thanks for the tips on the time range, I was getting tired of listening to the crappy music that was played during the show. Okay...crappy to me anyway. Right now, I refuse to listen to anything but Coldplay so everything else is considered crappy in my eyes.


The interview wasn't that fantastic this time around. Not too informative and definitely didn't talk about that fall out. Wish they had, I'm very interested to know what was so bad that they felt they may need a Coldplay "divorce". The tour diary on their official site even referred to a fall out within the band but all is well again. Hmm...makes me wonder...

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