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~*CFU SHIRTS pt.. 2*~


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We all have been coming up with ideas for the shirts, I just wanted to make a poll about the back of the shirt. If you would like the back to be a list of all of the members names, we could give a time limit for when your name can be added to the list. Because new people keep joining the ones that join after the list is made will have to have shirts made one by one without the list because new names wont be able to be added until the next year. We could have a new shirt design each year and the list of names on the back can be updated accordingly. I think that lilchick came up with a great idea because this way we will have like the first version and it will almost be like the safety cd. rare! hehe

or we could have our own user name on the back. this might cost a little more to do because each shirt will have to be printed different instead of mass produced. Please vote on your favorite idea.


1. Back with list of members names

2. Back with your own user name


I posted this in the other shirt thread too. This is what it would like like with our own name, the one with the list would look the same except our names would be smaller text and in list form.

Here is a rough draft of my idea. I used the back that ted made and added to it. The pics that I used for the front are one's I have taken myself. They can be changed if needed. I just put this together so its doesnt have to be permanent. Please let me know any suggestions that you have.


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I think we should do both


We can have our username all the way in the top like you put it mary, but then in the bottom yellow, empty space, we can put everyone's screen name really small, in a form of a list


that would look kool


Mary---can you do a preview of this--what i'm talking bout?

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Re: d


how about this one???(is not that great...but....):

click on it to see it better :




I love it---but one question------whats with all the chemistry involved--lol


did you make this logo???


i used a lot of chemistry(science) because of the following reasons:


1) they obviously like science. jonny studied astronomy, and they have a song called the scientist.

2) chemistry, deals with everything....our body and reactions and emotions are because of chemical reactions. every time one listens to a coldplay song, one has nothing but to feel.

3) to represent the hatred of people towards them... most of the atomic structures i reperesented were acids....people express criticism and hatred towards them....(acid)

4) to show the perfection of their music.... every single compound and reactions are made following rules....almost at an inhumane perfection...

5) compounds are made as a result of forces(gravitational, electromagnetic and nuclear)...CFU is a stong organization, held be forces, our love to the band. :heart: :heart:


i dont know, i guess it was just my craziness with chemistry and hidden meanings.... :sleeping: :sleeping2:

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Breakfast_of_Champion' date=' I really like the design. It's simple yet interesting and eye catching. I think only our own username is good enough cos it might get too crowded on the shirt. :)[/quote']


it doesnt get too crowded because the lettering is small and it looks kool


i might post an example


i still like the idea of both being there---your screen name at the top and everyone's in a form of a list in the bottom

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This is my highschool senior t-shirt and as you can see the font of names is small and it has a picture in the middle---we are not that many CFU members so it wont take up alot of space and it will look kool


we could do something like that on the bottom part of CFU shirts and still have our username on the top





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