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This Fan Fic!


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Truthfully -- whoever wrote that has a good grasp on what certain friendships are like between a few guys in the world... even if she did take it a bit too far with the whole "We're an item" part.


Me and my best friend are close... but I mean... not like "OMG I WANT TO MOLEST HIM" close like C/J are in that story. However.. the first chapter or two are all emotions that I've had to go through before.

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But why weird? :/ I just don't understand u guys.. :P Why is it so weird? Come on' date=' it's just a fictional story about gaysexuality. It's not real. It's just fantasy. Besides, gaysexuality is a very normal and accepted thing today. And this is not even real :confused:[/quote']


It's not very accepted in my community... to be honest...


It's weird I say! Even if it was a straight fic! lol.

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