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This Fan Fic!


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I know y'all have read this story, but I was so overwhelmed by it that I'd love to know who wrote it, or when it continues. Damn I couln't sleep after reading it :O Does anyone know when the writer is going to finish it? I'm dying to know how it ends :D


Oh and uhm, do you have any idea who the writer is? And what do u think about the whole story anyway ... ?

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This was posted ages ago in the Chris/Jonny love thread' date=' the girl who wrote it has stopped updating that site and said she won't be updating it. :) [/quote']





Not updating it anymore.... ?


Omg.. :cry: It must be really old then... how old is this?

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I was about to click the link, and then thought to myself: "Do I REALLY want to read this?"


Umm.... What exactly is it, dare I ask? I'd rather know before getting my brain erm... invested into it?







And what is this about graphicness... With Chris and Jonny.... Um.... Is this what I think it is??? :huh: :confused: :stunned:

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