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Anyone notice Married Guy goosing Linsdey Lohan on SNL?


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Well, I dunno, there was something going on there. So I slowed down my TIVO, and by God, Guy is being very coy, Jonny and Will are in-on -it, and Chris is sensorious when he does suspect something. Guy gooses Lindsay. Looks like backstage the lads decided to do this to Lindsay would have no idea exactly who she was beiing goosed by, and it worked. Andwhy would they care? They are guys!

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no, what i meant was...what if he is single?(not likely :cry: )**breaks into song**

What if there was no light?

Nothing wrong, nothing right.

What if there was no time?

And no reason or rhyme***


but i'd rather see him with GBL than with Lindsey! ugh! :angry:

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