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Andy Milonakis


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Omg.. I LOVE this guy... anyone else here who's a big fan of the Andy Milonakis show? :P I kill myself laughing when I watch it, seriously... it's so damn funny :lol: He has invented a whole new way of making tv, it's bloody hilarious. Anyone knows him? What d'ya think of him? Tell me here. I love that fat kid. XD

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Andy Milonakis is 29, believe it or not!


And the show is pretty hilarious (although kind of weird, when you think how old he is), but he has some pretty good sketches. My favorite has to be the one where Andy's John Stamos is stuck in a tree. :lol:

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i got peas on my head but dont call me a pea head... bees on my head but dont call me a bee head.. bruce lees on my head but dont call me a lee head.. now please excuse me i gots to get my tree fed.. you wear name brands i make my own clothing, i hang out with a monkey that loves self loathing "I HATE MYSELF".. pancake on my face makes me extra happy, i like shampoo bottles that sit on my lappy.. cuz its my show you cant tell me what to do when life gives me lemons i make beef stew.. cuz its my show im andy milanokis.. its my show im schmandy schmilaschmokis.. cuz its my show im andy milanokis!


am i good or what?:lol:

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Oh my god, this guy is fucking INSANE!!


And he's 29 ?? God, I feel sorry for a 29-year old man looking like a 12-year old, that must be awful.. But it's that typical case of such people, trying to balance it by being a comedian to earn people's respect by making them laugh, that's a good strategy :P


I haven't watched his show that often, but I LOVE this sketch of him walking on the street, talking to people, and saying "You know what I'm sayin?" a hundred times in a row :D

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