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anyone know anything about 80's fashion?


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one of my best friends is having her 17th bday party in a few weeks and it's an 80's fashion theme, yet i don't have a single clue what to wear.


i am absolutely CLUELESS on the 80's :)


anyone have any ideas on 80's fashion at all? all suggestions appreciated! :)




Check out the movie "The Wedding Singer". You'll find everything you need in there, as it was an Eighties "spoof".


This film is GREAT...my sister and me watched it and we were laughing all the time! :D

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haha sucked in. the 80s had the WORST fashion ever. if i was ever invited to those id consider not going (or just be a rebel and go totally un-80s)...



grr i hate that damn era, but ppl seem to be using the fashion today! :o

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