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How far would you go for the one !!!! Advice Needed UPDATED


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Unsure mate, I have only recently got back in contact as the letter that I had sent in refernce to this came back to me unopend. I was so scared I thought she got the first one, and she seen the second one and did not open it. A mate of hers seen me a few months ago. So I gave her a new number what I obtained and got a message it was very important that I call her. When I called she was a bit rushed but I heard it in her voice, how pleased she was to here my voice again.

She was busmused why I had not been in contact. At this point I did not think she got me first letter, I said when I called you you seemed busy and I said I would call back later. I did not call back cause I was to scared too. I wrote that letter and I did not hear anything and all my fears that she may have not liked me were seeming to becoming true.


Then she droped a bombshell, she told me she got me first letter with the tape and played it everyday, until someone stole it. Before that she asked me if anything had change (I was not sure what she meant by that) I never in a million years expected to here this as she got it in writing what she meant to me.

I was thown back at this point unsure what to say or ask ??

I know time passes, but as you know sternly this post was put on of April 2003 last year and this person still occupiies all my thoughts.


I understand time passes things change for others but nothing has chabged for me. I have even been to see a quak about this, been told my mind is 100 % healthy

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hey themusiclover, good luck to you man. don't let her get away if you do love her. do let her know of your inner feelings, don't keep them to yourself. this is experience talking...experience of keeping emotions to myself, and seeing someone pass by me.

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Well I called her last night, She knows I love her, but for the time being the friendship is a very specail one. There are over 3000 Miles of sea between us, but both of us can not wait until the day we meet again. Thanks to you all, without you guys positive support and help. Well all would have been lost.


I think I better write to Chris about this. I am sure he will be just as happy for us.

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