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How far would you go for the one !!!! Advice Needed UPDATED


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She come to my house with her 18 month year old daughter who was totally adorable. She was soughted out her resendital status in this country. She unforrnetly got trapped up here and she had no option accept my hospiltaity. This was a honour for myself as she seemed to accept all my help. I cooked I looked after her daughter how got me crying inside.


At the time I had someone to whom I thought was the one. To come around the house to see if they could suss anything out, but this seemed to put the perception to herself that I was already spoken for.


We talked and agreed on life issues that matter !!!!



This is comming to its conclusing almost 18months later,


A few months later she had to go and forfeit her stay over here for residential status. I was gutted but her granddad died and she had to go back home. When she was leaving nothing mattered. My Job, money food in my stomach but I could not tell her(due to her circumstances) . It has been 9 months now since I have seen her. I still love her. I've took all the tests to see if was love or lust they are suggest love. And by her responses to myself and warm gestures she was just as besotted with me. I've wrote saying I want a great friendship but unsure the direction. I sent her a "Rush of Blood to the head" To explain all those difficult things. That I could not say. She should have been around when this Album was released.

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Be honest with her. Life is so short. Tell her what you are feeling and if there is a way to make it work. make it work. If you both feel the same about each other then go for it. Good luck, love is worth it. Anything worth having is worth working for!!!!


Holly ;)

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Yeah, I agree - you must go and get her! Don't leave it too long, life and memory can be too short. People move on, but if you love her and you want her and her baby, and she feels the same way about you, then NOTHING must come in your way.


Good luck, we are all rooting for you here :)

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ohhh thats a very sad story... :( ...should tell her exactly what's on your mind..its sweet about sending her AROBTTH..thats reallllyyyy sweet..but if she feels the same way about you..she might want to hear YOUR words..you know I mean?..

Couldn't she visit or you visit her?...I wish things work out for you....


and if there;s nothing there..you'll have to eventually have to move on and of course...that's NEVER easy... :)

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It's not ike my comments are very listen here but -I would say you stay where you are. If you didn't do anything from the time she left until now, have you ever question yourself that? I mean If you really wat her and all that why you say what should I do? Yu just do tthe things!

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