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Happy Easter


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i got a book a pack of gum perfume and lotion but no candy cuz my mum knows i want to stop eating choclate totally....i just got back from ruby tuesdays and i had a salad and broiled fish so im doing good.but its weird.my sis has this unopen chocalte resses pieces pound bear but im not tempted yay! i think she doesnt even want it! i went to church...but i cant go to the tanning bed cuz its a holiday and its closed but hey laura look on the bright side....u have us! :D

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oooooooooo hey by the way..just to let u know....there is a girl that goes to my church that is from the Faroe Islands....if Iceland's People are in any relation to Faroe Islands in looks....than you should be a beautiful country.....shes really pretty and so fucking nice! :o

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