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Hey everyone!


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I just had to register for this forum after being in the concert in stockholm. It was unbelievable :D And being in front and in the middle made it even greater.. I'm never gonna forget that concert.. Probably a best one I've ever been to.


So this is my first post here, hi to everyone :) I'm 21 years old and from Finland. I guess I'll see u guys around...


oh and another good "side effect" of the concert is that it made me pick up my guitar after not playing for few months. so it's just another thing to be thankfull for :rolleyes:

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thank you to everyone. I feel so welcomed :D people here seem to be friendly, I think I'll enjoy it here hehe


Stella: yeah maybe we met in the concert hehe wasn't it great being in front? at times it seemed like chris was going to jump right into the crowd :lol: awesome stuff haha

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^ no problem


i must say you got great taste! did you hear that the singer for nightwish was dumped :stunned: :cry: i never got to see them live :cry:


I heard about the nightwish thing yeah.. actually here u couldn't avoid it, cuz it was in the news, magazines, newspaper, radio, everywhere.. I'm not sure yet if it was a good thing that they fired the singer. maybe it is a start for something new, dunno.. the way it was done, wasn't so nice though. I was planning to go to see the last concert of the tour in helsinki, but then somehow just forgot about it and didn't get the tickets.. kinda shame, when u think about it now..


seems like u are one with a great music taste too :P

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^thanks :cool: actually though my sister got me into H.I.M , i was scared of them at fist :rolleyes:


Wow yeah it was in a little article here about her being dumped but it must have been big news there :stunned:


i always like them cos they incorporated opera elements as well as metal i hope i will like thier new stuff.

any way he he enjoy coldplaying.com :)

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