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Tour Presale Lottery E-Mail


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^I know, huh?


I have like literally 25 email accounts. So I just registered 3 of them for the Mohegan Sun show in CT, and I was about to do all the rest, but... What if I get multiple links from the loterry for that one place when I want to go to the NJ and NY ones as well.


I might just take my chances with 7 accounts on CT, 6 on NJ and 5 or so on NY.


Ah. The benefits of having tons of useless email accounts. :lol:

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booo i only have one email registered to coldplay.com.. i shouldve thought about this ahead of time.. oh well..


*crosses fingers*


You can still register. Just sign up another account on coldplay.com, then use the link that you got in the first email and sign up THAT new account as well. It works.

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yeah i got it too.

but what does this mean...

PLEASE NOTE : this pre-sale is for selected dates only - pre-sales for remaining dates will follow soon. Watch http://www.coldplay.com for details. Should you be selected, further instructions of when your specific pre-sale begins and ends will be included in your email.


there are 25 selected dates. are the remaining dates not announced, or should I just give up all hope of them coming back to bham, al? :huh:

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No problem, TLo! Good luck!


lmfao I just signed my grandma up. I'm nervous about using my name for all the coldplay accounts, like they're going to know what I'm doing, so I'm signing everyone up in my family.


My uncle's next. :lol: :lol:

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I don't know, but I'm doing all my registering TODAY, just incase they close it tomorrow in order to get all the registered accounts in order to "choose".



*crosses fingers* Good luck everybody. :stunned:


This is so friggin' nerve wracking.


But believe me, I learned from my mistake last time of only registering one account. I got nothing until the SECOND presale, and that was really shitty. I'd definately do more than one.

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yeah i was just gonna ask if it was shady if i used the same name over and over again.. good idea using relatives. hahahah


i just harrassed all my friends and made sure they signed up too.. HAHAHA. every single one of them has called me obssessive at lease once in the last week.

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