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Tour Presale Lottery E-Mail


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Hey, just go here: http://www.coldplay.com/wintertour


And sign up that way. The email sent out today was nothing but a "ok everybody time to go through the tortorous process of freaking you out about the presale again!" :lol: The only important thing it had in it was the above link.


Please, anyone who reads this thread, go there and don't misinterpret what this email is. It is NOT the presale one. It's only telling you to get ready for it, or whatever.

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hehe remeber how i was saying i was gonna remember stuff chris said in the concert?..well he said this and it has to do with those oh so memorable yellow balloons :) enjoy!

CHRIS: still can we pop that balloon before we go on...can we burst that last balloon..there it goes...thanks alot...uh you know were just, were just getting into the realm of like props and stage things cause we love all that stuff..we love the whole theater of concert and..if if we could we'd have lasers everywhere and uh you know exploding girls and all this sorta stuff...we can't even get 25 balloons right...so i apologize for that..that should have burst about 25 minutes ago..and well done to that last man in the white t-shirt..you win a night with Will..tomorrow night, any hotel of your choice.. he'll take you there..he'll wind youu uh..oh shit there's another one..just hide that one..don't show us that one mate..you just ruined my whole joke..anyway im gonna stop talking.. because you didn't come to see uh carrot top you came to see coldplay ..laughs


well i know that was long but yeah i thought it was funny :lol:


oh and girlygirl..just use that link that an_cat posted

this one:



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ok my messages keep getting delayed and i wasnt saying late to you i was saying it about my self


and unfortunatley u arent in my siggy(but i could add you if u wanted lol) i just used that line as a divider between the rest of my message :/

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uhh i would pick the one thats on there now and register that with one email and then make another email, regiter it on coldplay.com and then register it on that site for presale when your concert shows up on the list...is that understandable?

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Just reminding everyone that if you want to register for the pre-sale, you have to do it by tomorrow.


I'd get on it tonight if you haven't already, not worth risking it!


E-mails will be sent out Wednesday, presale Thursday!!




I, personally, am completely stressed out!! :lol:

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:lol: :lol: :lol:


Yes, everytime I see something involving U2 I flip out. It's the truth. I just spent an hour watching all this random stuff I've taped of them and I ran around my house screaming something like "22 DAAAAAAAAAAYS!".



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