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i read somewhere on a confession webpage, that this woman spent 10 bucks a week on a bag of bubble gum that she chews at work. I thought that was bad because 52 X's 10 =520 dollars a year on bubble gum. that's a bunch. many people have even more expensive addictions...like car collecting insead of sticking that money into their kids college fund and then complaining about the cost of college later on...dolts

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oh. well here in the woodlands, there...well everywhere in the USA, there is a starbucks around EVERY corner. and everyone knows where they are. my city is growing way too fast. Get this...since i moved here we have had this one tinseltown. then we got another one at this place called martket street. It is not even ONE FREAKING MILE away from the old tinseltown...and they are keeping both of them. both have starbucks oround them and identical restaurants!!! its NUTS! :freak: i hate the woodlands and all the fatty starbucks that gow with it...starbucks is real fattening. I let my drink sit for a few hours and all this thick jumk was silted to the top. It was the fat oils in it..i just know it.


If you think it is wrong to have that addiction (think....can you go one day without it) then ween off of it little by little and make starbucks a treak only. not a daily thing. maybe it's not so much an addiction but a habit. :huh:



sorry this was so long Britt! :)

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my sister works at a grocery store and they're about to put a starbucks in there, then about 100 yards away is a barnes and noble with a starbucks in it and then right next to there is a starbucks. it's disgusting. oh and then two blocks away there's another grocery store with a starbucks in it. :/

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i'm not addicted to starbucks, but i'm addicted to tea and coffee. i must have 3 cups of tea a day and 1 of coffee in the morning when i wake up. i've now cut down to 2 cups of tea a day, and 1 coffee in the morning




as for starbucks, this super adorable/gorgeous french guy works there :blush:



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