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I don't drink coffee but Starbucks' date=' although corporate America, is a wonderful place full of goodies and drinks.[/quote']


I drink lots of coffee, but never at starbucks cause their coffee sucks, I much prefer Williams or Second Cup.


They opened a new starbucks in my city, boo.

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a tall caramel machiato


Me too! Either that or a White Chocolate Mocha. There's a starbucks on my way to school so every now and then (mostly every day :P ) I go and get one.


It's ridiculous. A tall coffee. That's where all my money goes. :stunned:


the white chocolate mocha is my 2nd favourite drink there. and in the summer, their frappuccinos are crack.


and carleton's library has a starbucks INSIDE it. Probably why I never go in there :worried2:

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