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Ok....this is something like a problem....

Gitta Rensolo

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So,ok:Has anybody of you guys ever been to Calella (Spain)


We are planning a trip with school for next year and it has to be with a lot of culture and it has to be something where we learn something.....

My group has to plan a trip to Spain.....barcelona.......but in Barcelona itself we won't get a hotel so the man from the traveling office suggested a hotel at Calella to us.......


My problem now is: We've got a good programme to show to our mates.....much culture etc.....tomorrow we have to show this programme to our mates and the headmaster of the school.......everything has to be perfect and if we say words like:Beach,Party etc....he won't allow to go there......now I was on a homepage of the city and there was a lot of Party mentioned!

I think there is culture aswell but I'm really scared now that the headmaster will find out tomorrow at the presentation because I have to answer the questions and if he asks about beach etc.....I can't lie!

Has anybody of you been there???

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But then you first have to come to Germany! :P


So ok.....I'm a bit calmer now....I searched for the hotel now and it is not directly at the beach and if we want to party we have to go 15 minutes.....now I've got an idea: I'm searching for all the cultural things we can do there and write them down and if he asks about that I know what to say! :D

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