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Coldplay earliest TV appearance


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I have a Jools Holland video where they perform Yellow (from 2000) and that was one of their earliest TV appearances. Chris' hair is all shaggy and girly looking. :lol: Anyway in that video, before they show their old performance, they show a clip of the guys explaining how their first appearance was playing Shiver (at Jools I assume) and how they thought they did good, but then Gary Brooker played A Whiter Shade of Pale after them and made them look stupid. And how that was even before they had recorded a record.

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i have it( shiver and yellow from may 2000 at jools holland) in vhs.

chris hair rules

Chris' hair :lol: It was so poofy then! And yeah that was the 10 year anniversary show wasn't it? I had Shiver but lost it. Hey maybe I can upload Yellow and you can do Shiver? Though I don't know how much trouble that would be coming from VHS..

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I saw it, well, yellow, but I neever had that particular one.... they all looked soo young and naive.. :blush:


I also want to know the answer of this question.. so, somebody knows for sure? ;)



once around Mexico:Zu

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