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For everybody who hates CRAZY FROG!!!

Ondes Martenot

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But hey here's a small anecdote to make this thread to some use whatsoever, not that it will save it.


So I go into HMV to buy a Bob Marley poster, which looks great on the ad. I take it home, leave it laying around for a wee while before I bother to open it up. I decide that it will go above my desk, to inspire me to study, or sumthin. Then I roll out the poster, to find its that GOD DAMN FROG


I had to go back into town a few days later to return it. It was just such a bitch, Ive never had much hate for the Crazy Frog (People who waste time hating something is pretty retarded) but any hate Ive ever had was added up and multiplied by 60 million.



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