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Is it just me, or are most of the people in here heartbroke?


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I mean, everytime I see a poll about best coldplay's musics, there's always "A warning sign".

If it's the case, I suppose it's 'cause of the lyrics, and I just can't understand how many people are heartbroke at the same time.It's just unbelievable



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I love this song and the main reason are not the lyrics. It's a beautiful melody that really grows on you. I especially like the chord change during the last 'I shouldn't have let you go'. The song reaces a completely different level here.

I know this sounds very technical but it's still a visceral decision if I like the song. Only when I'm asked why I like a song I analyse.




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*sniffs* yes...i have been heartbroken...i have felt down...i have been so, so, but so down...

but now, im better. warning sign just helps me...it helps me reflect!! think!! it helps me ...i dunno, get away for a bit... :dozey:

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Warning Sign is a perfect example of what Coldplay are capable of, it feeds on your emotions... the lyrics and sound produces a mood of two halves - one day it can make you the happiest person on earth, the next it can make you cry your eyes out. I have experienced both.

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