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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN (for yesterday)


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How's work Jenny? :)

I so not in the work mode... after all this excitement! :D :D :D


it is fine! not too busy!!! ya i wouldn't be in the work mode either if i were you!! ;) :D


Yes! My life just be going to gigs and meeting rock stars!

:P :D :D :D


Did you get nice presents for your b-day?

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i hope that's what happens to me when i move to the city lol' date=' but it probably won't!! ya i got some nice gifts, nothing too great! just some clothes etc.! :D[/quote']


Hehe! Yes, it will happen to you! :D


Cool! I actually just got a birthday gift from my friend this weekend, like after 3 months! :D Better late than never!

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