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Well, hello there!


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Yep, another refugee from the broken down official board. I must say, though, I'm really digging this board, more-so than the other one!


I'm a huge Coldplay fan (why else would I be here! :D ) and a general fan of British, Irish, Scottish, etc. bands.


Looking forward to getting to know many of you wonderful people here!

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Heya Jassen, Nadine, Amelie, and Jo - thanks for welcoming me! :D :D BTW, I'm Renate! This board's so great!


Jassen - I take it you're a Turin Brakes fan? Woohoo! I love them! I'm going to see them in concert in August, opening for David Gray. Can't wait! I can't stop listening to The Optimist LP and Ether Song!

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