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Talk alone?


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Guest LiquidSky

Yes, I do... :laugh4: :nice: Some people find it weird..but to me it's normal... :laugh4::D :nice:

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Anyway why people find it so weird?


I don't find it that weird! I used to do it, as well, specially when I'm moved for something, I begin to talk to myself... hahaha, just like saying comments! (well, I do it if I know that nobody will hear me, of course :lol: ) or f.e. , I'm reading a magazine, and I agree or disagree about what it's talking about...

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I usually do it when I'm driving car alone... I get so mad about some other drivers that I'm usually starting to scream and swear at all those sunday drivers :nice:

If other people could see and hear me, they probably would send me directly to the mad house :rolleyes3: But it really helps me to vent my anger in the car :D

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I kind of do... I did take a test online and it said I should have myself checked for Schizophrenia, but you can't trust those online things. =)



nope, i can't trust all online things either lol


however.....[from that website]


" Because no online test is 100% accurate, please be aware that this does not necessarily mean you do not have schizophrenia, only that this particular quiz did not find sufficient evidence to suggest that you do. "



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