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White Shadows


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Guest REManic

Only a great video for a great song like White Shadows, I would say!!

Yes it'd be nice if they released it as a single!:)

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gosh... but maybe it'd be too much, 'cause there is a limited number of songs that a band can release as a single of their album, am I right? Does anybody know that?! 'cause I don't know any band that have released all (or the most) of their songs as a single...


1) Speed of Sound

2) Fix you

3) Talk

4) The hardest part


So, I suggested:


5) White Shadows

6) Square One

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white shadows is great especially last part of the song;

swim out in a sea of faces

the tide of the human races

oh an answer now is what i need

see it in the new sun rise and

see it break on hour horizon

oh come on love STAY WİTH WİTH ME...

love the lyrics:kiss:

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