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Coldplay Not Bad Enough For The Brits


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MegaStar says: ‘Put the rock ’n roll back into the Brits before we die of macrobiotic boredom.’


Organisers of next year’s Brit Awards are already drawing up their wish-list for a line-up that promises to cause a bit of controversy.


After several years of Coldplay getting millions of nominations and James Blunt sipping herb tea backstage, they’ve decided things need spicing up a bit and we’re right behind them.


Gone are the days when a disgruntled rock star would get trollied, grab the mic and start hurling abuse at their record label or a rival band.


Now it’s all fey singer-songwriters, getting along with each other and holding the doors open for each other because their mothers taught them that politeness costs nothing. Borrrrrrring!


Next year, plans are afoot to go back to showing the ceremony live on television. If that didn’t give it enough of an edge, the people behind the mega-budget show are thinking of inviting The Sex Pistols along.


They figure, if they dish out a lifetime achievement award to Johnny Lydon and the boys, they might be repaid with a bit of punk-style bad behaviour.


Other dust-ups at Brit Awards gone by have included Jarvis Cocker waggling his bum at Michael Jackson during his ludicrous performance of Earth Song and Chumbawumba’s Danbert Nobacon chucking a glass of water over Deputy PM John Prescott.


Now we’ve seen Lydon do a stint on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, we know he’s still as nutty as a fruitcake. So anything could happen. We’ll be tuning in.


Source: Megastar

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Urgh. When will people stop thinking that good music is about the way you live your life?


Just because you're a vegetarian or whatever doesn't mean you can't amke good music.


And just because you're hooked on coke it doesn't mean you make good music. Look at Pete Doherty.



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Kinda sad isn't it. It's not about the music anymore, it's all about gossip magazines and making a dickhead out of yourself on television...


Oh well, didn't stop them from selling more albums than someone more 'rock n' roll'

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this is a load of crap.....it really annoys me. The UK has gotten so indie now that indie just isnt fucking cool in my mind anymore! They've ruined it for us all....


I blame the arctic monkeys! lol

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:rolleyes: Just remember this would be the same musical culture that inflicted the likes of Simon Cowell upon us... of course they would be bored with anyone sober enough to form a complete sentence, or courteous enough to not come up with a dumb insult every two minutes... :P


Don't get me wrong... about 90% of my favorite bands are all British, and I love how much more open things are to new bands than in North America, but I have never figured out the obsession some industry types have where having the image of a permanent bad attitude is more important than actually making good music...

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