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Favourite thread in the lounge

Ondes Martenot

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That was absolutely hilarious throughout, Eric at his finest hour. Thom too.


I mean, c'mon!:


dude have you ever "glanced" at the guy's wanker next to you in the stall

and its like wow

how can you have such a monster like that

when you dont expect the guy to have one

but then you get out of their and you think that made he just made it hard on purpose?

or am i the only one thats that happened to me



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holy shit :laugh3:




you asked your uncle?

dude thats intense i dont think i could bring myself to do that

and yes most canadians are hot (girls)

this one from alberta


blonde hair fair skin blue eyes

i wouldve done anything for that girl but i just ended up burning her cds from that gay band the darkness

i dont know when i started doing that whole masturbation thing

5th grade maybe 6th for sure


another one:


oh okay, this thread is so purrv now that i think it is ok to ask this...


Am i the only one who can't masturbate using the left hand? like.. it's so fooking complicated... you do it for three minutes then you're tired... like... is it a matter of time till your left hand is as strong as your right hand? lol

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