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Happy Birthday judy (x_TheSkyCouldFall)


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not sure about you but i don't know if i'd feel safe with a koala right infront of my face....


(this one looks a bit evil...)





actually they are quite lazy creatures cos of their low energy of eucalyptus leaves.


however they have sharp claws.



Happy Birthday, hope you had a koala free time.

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hey Judy... did you have fun at your birthday???



thanks everyone :kiss:




and yep thanks for asking lol


yesterday at school, i was sung happy birthday to, twice; first thing in the morning (during pool class, where i got "birthday splashes" :\:P) and second time at the end of the day during math :dozey:. i was so tired i nearly fell asleep multiple times during the lesson..


i went to a buffet and stuffed myself full. . . but i did get lovely gifts! probably not as awesome as alyssas guitars lol but how does an gift card and ipod sound? :D

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