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Well, i´m starting to petty the Katie Holmes and Tom Cruises baby Sury. This man has some really weird demands (i´m sorry if there is any T. Cruise fan here...but hey man...u freak me out!). Katie can´t eat sweet stuff next the baby because he says the THE BABY CAN SMELL IT, and Suri must be in the dark all the time because lights could damage her eyes...and among all these demads i found this one that really made me laugh...



"Katie likes to listen to Coldplay, FORBIDDEN!!! Tom wants classical music such as Debussy and Wagner to be played at home. "It builds the baby's creative powers," says a friend. "It helps with problem solving."


OK...NO COLDPLAY AT CRUISE´S HOME! I mean Katie, untill the moment he starts screaming that internet is a develish thing and throw the computer downstairs...u r welcome here with us hun! POOR KATIE!!!! :o

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I wonder what happened to Tom Cruise.. he always seemed sweet in the past. Now....:sick:


From what I've seen so far' date=' being unable to listen to Coldplay is the [i']least [/i]of that kids problems.

:laugh3: :laugh3:

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Tom Cruise is a case. I used to think he was okay, too, but I can't take him anymore. He's been on every single magazine/web article/ET feature for the past year!!! And he's wearing his midlife crisis on his sleeve!!


*jumps on couches*

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Well i don´t want to go into theological discussions here because i think that people are free to do whatever they want with themselves but when it comes to their kids and partners i really have to disagree...


Another celebrity that happens to go to the same scientology thing have a sick child and he needs treatment. But since scientologists say that this desease doesn´t need tretament because it´s due to the CARPET CLEANING PRODUCTS USE...THE KID IS NOT BEING TREATED!!!! I mean...people, wake up! U made this option, not ur kids!!!! :o

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I realized Tom Cruise was an asshole when he divorced Nicole Kidman.



(I know this isn't a Cruise thread, but let me get the hate out ;) )



Well, apparently in California if a couple gets divorced after being married for 10+ years, then the partner with the larger sum of money behind their name has to give a very large percentage to their partner. HOWEVER, if you're married for a time UNDER 10 years, then the partner doesn't get NEARLY as much. While they were married, Cruise had more money (he does blockbusters, Nicole does more "artsy" *COUGH*BETTER*COUGH* films).


Guess how long they had been married when he filed for divorce?


9 years and 11 months.



From a geocities website:


What's more, the pair had only begun talking seriously about a separation a couple of weeks before they split, when tensions over differences -- as abstract as religion and as concrete as where to vacation -- came to a head. Cruise "is playing hardball," family-law attorney Lynn Soodik told PEOPLE, citing his plea, in which Cruise, who did not have a prenuptial agreement with Kidman, states that the marriage ended in December and lasted precisely nine years and 11 months. (California judges look differently upon marriages that last at least a decade when it comes time to divvy up the estate.)




What a fucker. :veryangry:



Right. I'm done.

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