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Best Week Ever - The Hardest Part Video


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I was wtching The Best Week Ever this morning on VH1 and they mentioned the "new" Coldplay video for The Hardest Part. They didn't say anything derogatory or anything, just discussing the wonders of an 84 year-old woman doing dance-gymnastics.


It was really funny. They replay the show alot over the weekend, so check it out if you get the chance,

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i saw that the other day! i was getting something to drink and all of a sudden i heard THP and i look over and it's on the tv and theyre talking about barbara and how she can do all her stunts. it was pretty wicked :D


mark-SHE'S YOUR GRANDMA?! awesome! props to her :)

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^Aw, nice avi. :lips: :laugh4:


I thought I heard someone call her Barbara Spencer or something -- I dunno. It was funny when that on guy said, "If that guy spins around one more time... he's gonna come up with only an arm." :laugh4:

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