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Charlie's Angels II


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this movie sucked assssssssssssssssssssss

the only part i liked was when they revealed Helen Zaas and then came the slew of ass jokes

and then there was the part where they played Danger! High Voltage and i of course thought of Electric 6 but instead of exclaiming that, i shouted GAY BAR!!


some of the scenes in here are so impossible

such as, the part where they take little wooden boards and slide down the rope

and the part where demi moore can "fly"


and i absolutely hated when they ruined crispin glover's character! and as if to add to that insult, they killed him off at the end!


the movie is also too gratuitous in the almost nude/nakedness-gets-the-boy-who's-only-aboot-11-so-excited beside me aka too sexual

the kid beside got ... well he was laughing... that snorty (sounds uncomfortable) kid laugh and gripping his the arm on the chair tightly but i think he enjoyed it..

i liked the first one better


and shia lebeouf felt wrong to play the part... (like the role was even needed in the film)

*he was on jimmy kimmel live saying how much he loved the man show

i dont know why i added that.. just funny and irrelevant

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