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omg' date=' i remember the first time i had ever heard the word pornography was from the simpsons. then i asked my mom what it was. lol. she got SO pissed. good times...[/quote']


OMG the EXACT same thing happened to me. I heard it for the first time on the simpsons then kids were joking about it at school and i came home and asked my mother and she got very mad and didn't know what to say. :lol:

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i think porno disrespects alot of people.....when they get bucket naked and sell themselves they have just thrown themselves out there...i dont think its right...unless guys have to wack off to it to get a sperm sample at the docotrs

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isn't Ali G the one who says poonanie a lot?



LOL who is he?? l heard hes some rapper? :shock:


eww is that where its from?


He has his own TV show in Britain, he's kinda a comedian. He hosted the MTV Europe awards last year. He's pretty funny and like she said he's in Madonna's Music video at the beginning driving that limo.


Haha I just went to his website, if you know him go to it it's hysterical.



Here's a pic of him


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