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Pornography ...


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hi vin,


video pronography is fine too, they know what they're doing.


they have the choice whether they want to do it or not, and the people who buy are entertained.


they're not killing anyone....unless a guy is wanking and dies of aheartattack at orgasm...

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omg, yeah. the ones with animals really make me want to vomit. there is really something wrong with that stuff.


i don't know if porn in general is morally right or wrong. it seems wrong by societies standards, but sex is something we all do so.... :shrug:

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i love the word "Poonanie," it sounds Italian


*Italian* Hey, you-a like-a the poonanie?


Come on, try it, say it with an italian accent, like you're doing an Olive Garden Commercial or something... or you're an italian waiter giving out the specials...


"Yes-a we-a have-a the succulent Poonanie, tis Exquisito!"

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