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Anybody got any good ghost stories?

Dissolved Girl

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bwahahaha Britney Spear..thats classic


but seriously I grew up in the Caribbean where Voodoo is like a serious religion..I fucking buttloads and shitloads of scary stroies and experiences..people always like to say thats what reall blah ablah blah..yeah whatever

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heres one..when my parents firts moved we Igrew up...in the area that is...there were some trees behind the house called silk cotton trees..

(silk cotton tress are evil because they say that theres the devil send his messenger to hide and so on)

(and having your house blessed by a priest is supposed to scare evil away)

our house wasnt blessed yet (I was born yet)..and my folks had my first sister and my first brother who was a baby at the time and they were asleep and they heard a horse galloping up and down the yard..but didnt see anything (and there arent ANY horses in the area or even CLOSE)..so they look out again and they see red eyes in upfront the door..

then my dad runs back in and gets his cutlass and bible and some salt (it is ssaid that if you sprinkle salt or rice grains or sand around you or your house the evil thing would have to count every gain before it can entre) and so when they peeked out again the horse was glaring in a balll of fire and up on its hind legs..and then the ran away back inside and when my mother (the curious soul) slwoly peeked out again the horse's back was turned to he it turned into the man that had a silk cotton tree in front in yard...

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oh its real alright


I believe in that stuff nad its real...

there are things called ligerues and there are like vampires kind of..but they're people that tranform into this thing with weird looking skin..but it loks llike dried up muslce..and u cant see them when ur lights are out..they have pointed eyes and red eyes and travel in a bright tiny ball of fire and gets huge when the step out then disappear..and they fly really quickly....they can come into your house..like go through walls and shit and they cant do whatever they want you..

but u can ctach them if u wakre up while they're attacking u or tryig to get into your house by putting the lights on and beating the hell out of them til they transformed..I;e seen two of them..thats why I have difficulty sleeping by myself or soemtimes I have to have music on all night

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well they do exist..the matter of the thingsis..that if you live in a place where peole practice alot of voodoo and someone wants to hurt you or happens to pick ur house to do mischief ..and u get up ..sure u can see them..

haiti has alot more voodoo shit going on that Grenada does theres a town there that voodoo priests make dead people walk around..NO JOKE

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