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Outcry over puppies dumped in bin

Black Rose

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Outcry over puppies dumped in bin



Once the puppies are well enough they will be rehomed


The dumping of eight puppies in a bin is being described by a council as "the worst case of neglect seen for years".


The young border collies were found abandoned in bins at the Cumberland House tower block in Portsmouth.


"We can't think of a more distressing case we've had to deal with," said Carol Plumbly, council kennel worker.


Three of the litter have died since they were found on Sunday and the other five-week-olds were suffering from worm infestations and malnourishment.




The dogs are being cared for at the Portsmouth City Council kennels and new homes are being sought for them.


Mrs Plumbly added: "To abandon eight tiny puppies is bad enough but what has shocked us even more is the condition they were in because of worm infestation.


"Any responsible dog owner knows how important it is to worm their pets and any puppies that arrive."


The puppies were rescued following an anonymous call to the council.



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I think i might have found my new avartar

keep it.


that is horrific news. it's inhumane - what is wrong with people? those pups are adorable, and even if they weren't that sh*t shouldn't be happening.

everytime something terrible happens to animals, i am enraged and saddened. the only comfort i get is believing somewhere someday they'll get what's coming to them...

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