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Hollywood Bowl Pics


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cool pics!! that arena is weird looking

Actually, the Hollywood Bowl is one of the most beautiful ampitheaters I've ever been to! It's smack in the middle of the Hollywood hills and it's such a relaxing atmosphere: most people who go pack a nice picnic with wine and champagne and crackers and other fingerfoods and lounge around for a while before going in for the show. It's also cool 'cause every seat is a good one. (We were sitting towards the back, but still could see everything.)


Sorry, it's just that a really good friend of mine plays bass for the philharmonic that usually plays there, so I'm rather partial to that place . . . :D

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was that the new song. in that last link. there's a few videos and one that sounds really good but not very familiar unless i'm just totally out of it tonight. but it sounds really really good. and i love how chris jumps up from his piano in one part. that's really great.

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hehehe forgot to mention chris and his shaved head. on the first concert 5/31 he was singing and then he sang something like "even if you shaved your head and regretted it...it'll grow back" i thnk that's what he said. and i think the song was EVERYTHINGS NOT LOST...yeah, uh huh that's gotta be the song where he said that lol.

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